GESB is an environmental business-development consultancy based in Hungary since 2005 and also the UK since 2008. GESB has a a considerable and broad level of experience working with various international organizations, governments, local authorities, commercial banks and housing providers in various countries, with a special focus on the developing markets in the CEE region.

GESB has more than 12 years’ experience at working directly with homeowners, homeowners’ associations, and social housing providers with a keen insight into the building sector of various economies and the needs of middle to low income households. GESB has been managing the refurbishment of buildings across Hungary from its very inception.

GESB is primarily involved in the task to transfer know-how and good practices following the successful Hungarian experience to the current Bulgarian reality case, taking advantage of the window of opportunity created by the recent legal, economic and policy shifts which makes the Bulgarian energy efficiency market rather similar to the Hungarian two decades ago.

GESB will contribute to the development of a strong business case for Bulgarian banks, as they did in Hungary, where commercial banks used to be just as reluctant as the Bulgarian ones when it comes to financing home owners’ associations. HUNGARY – GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL BUSINESS will also be involved in the promotion of the crucial role professional property managers in the creation of a strong demand for energy efficiency loans and subsidies which GESB believes is the missing link between past Bulgarian initiatives and mainstreaming energy efficiency.