Ministry of regional development and public works of the Republic of Bulgaria

The Ministry of regional development and public works (MRDPW) is part of the Bulgarian government. Within the scope of the Ministry’s competence is the Bulgarian housing policy. The responsibility to carry out and enforce it, is allocated at the Housing Policy Directorate (HPD) with main functions to assists the Minister in the development and implementation of the state housing policy, to develop a National Housing Strategy, concepts, national programs and action plans for the development of the housing sector; performs and coordinates the implementation of the measures set out in them and monitors their implementation, and many others.

MRDPW/HPD has a leading role in Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination of SHEERenov’s results, also in sustainably strategy with proposing policy change, regarding next phase of the National Program for Renovation of Multifamily Business, as well as drafting relevant legislative change proposals. In line with its mandate the MRDPW/HPD will be involved in SHEERenov’s activities with research work, studying good European practices for the purpose of adapting to Bulgarian realities, developing a new concept for market oriented financing model, necessary for the intended transition from fully financed and administered process for MFB renovation to a sustainable market oriented one, development of rules and regulations in regard with economic operators willing to offer services to Condominiums as Professional Managers.


1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
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