Bulgarian Facility Management Association

Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA) is as a non- profit organization and is the only professional facility management association in Bulgaria. BGFMA mission is to promote and implement professional FM standards in the management of all building types and to implement professional ethics in FM, as well as to build a strong facility management network of professionals, who are willing to share their knowledge and promote the facility management as a must for companies that manage real estate.

BGFMA takes active part in relevant project activities and tasks, aiming at transfer know-how and professional standards from corporative facility management to professional management of residential buildings, on one side, and on the other – to enhance capacity of its members to offer quality services in the process of multifamily buildings’ renovation.

BGFMA will have a leading role in creation of the business alliances, provision of trainings and capacity raising activities. The association will have an active participation in communication, exploitation and dissemination of the project results, and specifically among its members and other business entities from the stakeholder groups.


1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
55 N.Y.Vaptsarov Blvd., EXPO Office Park, Phase IV
Tel: +359 899 947 041